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Using Routine to Keep Your Mudroom Clean

Using Routine to Keep Your Mudroom Clean

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If you’ve struggled to keep your mudroom clean in the past, perhaps it’s time to take a different approach. Try using a routine to keep up with everything. Here are some of the easiest ways you can do just that.

Keep it Small

Keep daily cleaning tasks small and manageable as you start to develop a habit. For example, focusing on the floors every Wednesday and the washing machine and dryer every Sunday can help you manage everything in a timely manner. Choose tasks that normally build up over time as doing a little every day can cut down on playing cleaning catch-up over the weekend. It will also help to stop long weekend cleaning sessions, which, let’s face it, are never much fun. 

How to Build a Successful Cleaning Schedule

Get the Cleaning Supplies Under Control

We normally bring you tips to keep your home clean and organized, but what about all of the supplies that clean your home? Make sure your cleaning supplies have a designated place in your mudroom. When you take out a cleaning supply or tool from your mudroom take note of the ones you use. Discard supplies that are never used or look like they can use an update. Try a caddy to keep all of your cleaning supplies contained.

Rotate Seasonally

As you would do a seasonal purge in your closets, make sure you keep up this routine in your mudroom. As the seasons change, your utility room needs are bound to shift as well. Make sure you remove and store items you no longer need for the current season. From basketballs to swim gear, make sure you’re keeping the items you need close at hand. Staying organized and neat is especially crucial for busy families on the go.

Storage Systems For the Assist

If your storage systems could use some work, don’t be scared of going the custom route. Custom cabinetry and storage units will help you stay clean and organized. You’ll be able to have a clean area for all of the supplies and it may even make doing laundry a fun task. In addition, you’ll have a place for all of your sporting goods to keep them off the floor making your space more usable. If you’re not ready to commit to the custom route, consider adding in a storage bench and lots of hooks to keep things organized and neat.

At More Space Place of Myrtle Beach, we’re love bringing you easy tips to stay organized. Come stop by our showroom to learn how our custom furniture can help you create a neater home today!

Photo by our sister brand, Closet & Storage Concepts.

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