What to Ask To Create Your Dream Closet

traditional custom closet walk-in Myrtle Beach
Start to finish custom closet sandalwood finish project Myrtle Beach, SC

Investing in your dream closet is not a small choice. You want to make sure your new system helps you stay organized and help you Make Room for Life®. To ensure that you get everything you’re looking for, consider asking the following questions as you research and plan.

What are my pain points?

What is hindering you in your closet? To get organized, evaluate the areas in your closet that you don’t like or that could be better. In many cases, identifying the messiest parts will help you communicate this with your design team as they create a place for everything.

What do I need?

As you evaluate your closet, you’ll also want to look at your wardrobe. Do you love everything in it? Consider decluttering as part of this process. Keeping what you love is another way to ensure your dream closet is achieved.

What are three words that describe my style?

Closet systems are also designed to beautify your space. Knowing your style or your home’s style is helpful to help narrow down design choices. If you’re not sure of your style, a professional can help. Popular home styles include traditional, contemporary, mid-century modern, and rustic.

traditional custom closet walk-in Myrtle Beach

How do I want to feel in my new space?

Envisioning how you want your space to feel can also help you as you create your dream closet. Should it be relaxing and calm? Or should it be energizing and fun? Sharing this vision with your designer will allow us to help you create the perfect space.

What am I willing to spend?

This is an important question to consider since you want to find a company that works within your needs and budget.

How often do I want to clean?

Many people don’t think about this when designing a closet. Thinking about your lifestyle and routines is worth taking into account. This is key especially when it comes to maintenance. Our systems can be built off the floor to make vacuuming easier. In addition, some finishes are more prone to showing dirt than others. Glossy finishes can attract dust and generally need a bit more attention than our natural finishes. No matter what you choose, our systems are designed to last.

Who can I call?

More Space Place is your choice for custom closets in Myrtle Beach. Connect with our experts by stopping by our showroom or giving us a call!

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