Why You Should Consider White Custom Closets

luxurious white custom closet design Myrtle Beach

White is one of our most popular closet and cabinetry colors at More Space Place in Myrtle Beach and it’s no surprise why. It is extremely versatile and offers a number of benefits. If you’re looking at different colors for your custom closet system, we’re here to detail a few of the reasons why white should be one of your top considerations.

luxurious white custom closet design Myrtle Beach

Scales to Your Budget

Our white finishes and colors work with a large range of budgets. It is often one of our most cost-effective colors compared to custom stains or other wood finishes. By choosing white, you can beautify your closet while staying on budget. It can even help you save so you can add other storage accessories like valet roads or in-cabinet lighting.

Clean Look

White closets look very clean and uncluttered. White is often associated with minimalism, sterile environments, and modern designs. White is a neutral shade, which means that it won’t overwhelm the eye compared to other vibrant and saturated colors.


As we hinted at, white closets also offer a lot of versatility.  By choosing white, you can be sure that it will coordinate with any wall color, hardware, or countertop that you choose. It lets you have fun with the rest of your design options, and can let your clothes and belongings shine. It’s perfect if you’re going for a boutique-style closet look!

FAQs with White Closets

We receive lots of questions with this color as many think it can be hard to maintain a clean and fresh look.

Is it Easy To Clean? – The answer is yes! Our clients often tell us that it is easier to keep clean than you think. Because we use high-quality finishes in all of our Myrtle Beach custom closet units, all you need is a slightly damp cloth when dusting.

Is it Cheap? This comes down to craftsmanship and materials. At More Space Place, we pride ourselves on providing quality products that will last with friendly customer service. White closets can look expensive, especially if you choose coordinating hardware and accessories. In addition, we provide professional installation and custom manufacturing to maintain the highest quality standards for your project.

Get Me a Design Team

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