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Murphy Bed Operation

The Murphy Bed is a tried and true space saver. The spring loaded mechanism allows for easy single-handed operation and features a support leg that extends and retracts automatically. The Murphy Bed’s vertically stored mattress is either supported by our Comfort Flex Frame System (a series of pre-curved high strength wooden slats) or a Bunkie board (a cloth covered foundation). Each is designed to provide additional comfort and support for the mattress.

Madison Bi-Fold Murphy Bed

Stylish bookcase or cozy sleeper? More Space Place’s Madison Bi-Fold Murphy Bed is both. Swing open the shelved doors to reveal the pull down bed inside!

Dreamsaver Murphy Bed

Stylish and affordable. More Space Place’s Dreamsaver Murphy Bed is equipped with functional side cabinets and turns any area into a space savvy guestroom.

Jefferson Murphy Bed

More Space Place’s Jefferson Murphy Bed is presidential indeed, with ample storage for books or collectibles. The bookcase doors effortlessly glide open on sturdy tracks.

The Panel Bed maximizes space and offers a sleek, clutter-free design. These beds feature front panel doors that drop down with the bed and “disappear” under the mattress, allowing easy access to optional bedside cabinets. Each panel bed features one of two styles and includes spring loaded and cabinet-mounted bed mechanisms for effortless operation.

Cosmopolitan Panel Bed

Whether you have a low ceiling or love the contemporary look, More Space Place’s Cosmopolitan Panel Bed is the perfect solution.