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Color Schemes for Custom Closets

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White Custom Closet

One of the most luxurious additions to any home is the modern-day custom closet. These spaces are typically oversized walk-in closets that are designed to store all the necessary clothes, accessories, and items a homeowner may have. Furthermore, custom closets aren’t usually hidden behind a door but are often designed to be an extension of the bedroom. This open-concept design allows for a very warm, inviting ambiance. Here at More Space Place, we want to help you design the sleek, stylish, and functional custom closet of your dreams.

One important quality to consider when designing a custom closet is the color scheme of your cabinetry and accents. Here are some of the modern styles and aesthetics that are taking shape in closet design.



White Custom Closet

White is an increasingly trendy color these days and we see it in fashion, photography, interior design, and, of course, custom closets. Homeowners enjoy white because it is clean, bright, and doesn’t clash with other colors. This is important when thinking about all the colors you’ll be bringing in with your wardrobe. A white closet will help keep your space simple and refined and is also a great choice if your closet feels a little cramped or dark. Consider white cabinetry for a uniform look, and add a light pastel hue as an accent or choose it for your wall color for a soothing atmosphere.


Dark Colors

Not everyone loves the all-white look; that’s okay! Dark hues are very elegant and mature, offering a timeless look. Gray, navy, and even black are popular colors and used for a bolder approach to your custom closet. Dark colors create a very sleek look for a closet and offer a more mellow tone. However, be sure to include plenty of light fixtures to avoid it feeling too gloomy. We suggest using bulbs that emit a natural light that will make it easier to get ready in the morning.



Wooden Custom Closet

If you want a more elegant, natural look in your custom closet, we’d suggest ditching the paint and considering a wood finish. While wood looks are often associated with traditional aesthetics, it is making a comeback in interior design. And the nice thing about a wood finish is that you can stain it just about any shade to match your style. Opt for a modern twist by choosing rustic, weathered looking woods. For those who are torn between white or dark colors, a natural wood grain can be a nice middle ground. View our finishes page to see some of your options.


Ready to design a custom closet of your own? Contact the experts at More Space Place to get started! Find a location near you and schedule a free in-home design consultation and estimate.



Photo Credits: © Kwanchi Khammuean , © freezingtime